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Our organic bananas are:

• 100% purely natural
• gently processed
• sun-dried
• vegan
• raw food

• Not treated with sulphur (pursuant to EU eco regulations)
• unoiled
• no artificial additives
• no preserving agents
• no sweeteners
• no colouring agents

Vital substances:

Bananas contain considerable amounts of potassium, and for this reason are often recommended in cases of potassium deficiency, resulting in improvements in conditions related to muscle, nerve and heart problems. Bananas are generally considered to be easily digestible and provide fast energy, making them very popular amongst sportspersons [1 and 2].

Dried bananas contain the same nutrients and vital substances as fresh bananas, only in a more concentrated form. That’s why dried bananas are highly recommended as part of a balanced diet.


Our organic baby bananas are extremely fruity, aromatic and sweet. They are pale to dark beige in colour. The banana pieces are uniformly sized at around 7 cm. Dried banana pieces may become darker. This does not impair their quality – quite the opposite - it is proof of quality, since it shows that the bananas have not been treated with sulphur.

Dried fruits should be stored at temperatures of +2 to +6 degrees Celsius, which also slows down the darkening process. The consistency of the fruits is satisfyingly soft, making them ideal for cooking and using with other foods, since the pieces are separate and do not stick together easily.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic baby bananas from Sri Lanka. Large parts of the region have been certified for organic cultivation and are worked by the farmers living there. The local farmers make a personal contribution each day towards maintaining the natural balance by growing crops in accordance with organic criteria.

After harvesting, the banana skins are removed and the fruits cut into slices. The slices are then gently dried and sorted by hand. The processing steps are carried out carefully by hand in extremely hygienic conditions. In this way the high quality of the dried organic bananas is guaranteed.

Product purity:

The baby bananas are pressure treated in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients:  Banana dried


[1] Wikipedia Dessertbananen / Bananas
[2] DEBInet
Deutsches Ernährungsberatungs- und Informationsnetz

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