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Stay fit and full of energy, all day long! The ideal snack for sporting activities, made from the finest ingredients, premium quality, nutritious, naturally vegan.

Our organic Edamame Mix is:

  • aromatic and fruity
  • gentle mixing methods
  • 100% purely natural
  • premium quality
  • full of nutrients
  • exclusively selected
  • undergo several controls
  • naturally vegan

Vital substances:

Try our Edamame mix for a balanced diet!

Organic or conventional foods? Organic, of course, because they mean health!

Organic is:

  1. full flavour
  2. a naturally good feeling
  3. 100% natural
  4. minimal use of chemicals
  5. fair dealings
  6. sustainable
  7. GMO free
  8. protects the environment
  9. protects the climate
  10. transparent production processes

That’s why we recommend our organic food instead of conventional.


Our organic Edamame mix is made only with the finest ingredients! This mix has a pleasantly strong taste, full of variety, very fruity and only slightly sweet.

Origin and Production:

Our organic products are grown exclusively by farmers certified for organic cultivation. We insist on the highest quality for all our ingredients, and source the nuts only from selected suppliers we have been doing business with for many years.

All our organic farmers are proud of their careful, respectful relationship with the natural world and the nut products. Regular and rigorous controls guarantee excellent quality.

By purchasing this organic product, you support and contribute towards organic agriculture and environmental protection.

Organic ingredients: roasted salted soybeans (50%), roasted pumpkin seeds (20%), goji berries (15%), black beauty raisins (15%). As the mix is a purely natural product, the proportions of different nuts may vary.

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