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All ingredients are:

  • highly exclusive
  • very unique
  • all different
  • gathered wild, if possible
  • 100% organic
  • 100% nature
  • in premium quality
  • without preserving agents
  • without any sweetener
  • without colouring agents or other natural additives
  • naturally vegan

Vital substances:

Every single berry contains valuable nutrients! Take a look at the nutritional information for each variety on our homepage. Here are some excerpts:

The aronia berry is regarded as a medicinal plant and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It is reputed to inhibit inflammation, to strengthen the body’s defence mechanisms and to protect cells, tissue and vessels. The berry is also said to improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure. Amongst other substances, aronia berries contain flavonoids, vitamin C and fibre. They are often called the good health berry.

The Barberries have been used as a remedy for digestive complaints and high temperatures for over 2,500 years. The berries are used in modern medicine to treat diseases of the gall bladder and  heartburn. New research has discovered that barberries have an anti-microbial effect on parasites and bacteria, and properties inhibiting inflammation and reducing blood pressure. The berries are also said to have a calming effect, which could help to alleviate cramp.

The dark red colour of our blackberries gives them a beautiful rich blackness. The pigments that can be of such a dark hue are called „anthocyanins“! Anthocyanins are categorised as flavonoids, a group of secondary plant substances that have frequenly been linked to healthy nutrition.

Anthocyanins are water-soluble and are highly antioxidant. Modern nutritional science considers the body’s defence mechanisms to be aided by the consumption of antioxidants, thereby neutralising excessive production of free radicals. Dried blackberries also have high levels of vitamin C, E and K plus iron and potassium.

Eating dried raspberries helps to provide us with our daily requirement of vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, copper and fibre.

Cranberries are said to have a positive effect on our health. Their benefits include fighting free radicals, anti-bacterial, diuretic and healing properties and lowering high temperatures. Cranberries stimulate the appetite, and are helpful in cases of diarrhoea, spring fatigue, gout, rheumatism, cystitis, oral mucositis and arteriosclerosis.

Strawberries contain secondary plant substances that can be capable of inhibiting inflammation, lowering the risk of contracting diseases of the cardiovascular system or cancer, as well as positively influencing the body’s cholesterol levels. They contain high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the body from free radicals, strengthens connective tissue, otpimises our intake of calcium and iron and bolsters the body’s defences.

Blueberries, or bilberries, as they are also called, are full of secondary plant substances such as:  tannins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and also fruit acids, pectin and invert sugar [1]. The fruits are also rich in vitamin C and fibre.

Bilberries are used in a variety of ways in traditional medicine. Both the raw dried fruits and dried leaves are used. The berries are reputed to help relieve diarrhoea, inflammation of the mouth, throat and gums, bladder weakness and high cholesterol levels, as well as strengthening blood vessels and lowering blood sugar levels.

Raspberries are rich in vitamin C, manganese and fibre. Dried raspberries also provide us with folic acid, vitamin K, magnesium iron, copper and phosphorous.

Elderberries are full of vitamin C and B and are also a source of secondary plant substances. These anthocyanins protect the body’s cells against free radicals, helping to slow down the ageing process. Polyphenols can have a positive effect on damaged vessels. Traditional medicine uses elderberries in a variety of ways; for colds, influenza, disorders of the kidney and bladder and to fortify the heart and circulation. They are also said to inhibit inflammation, alleviate pain and fever.

Many peoples consider the blackcurrant to be a symbol of long life and robust health. In early times, it was observed that currants helped to relieve skin complaints, due to the gamma-linoleic acid contained in their seeds. Blackcurrants are reputed to calm the nerves, improve the mood and concentration, stimulate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The berries contain vitamin C, fibre, potassium, iron, the colouring anthocyanin, and have a very high antioxidant capacity.

An analysis carried out by our company provided evidence that our sea buckthorn is extremely rich in nutrients. Our berries contain very large amounts of omega 7 fatty acids and B12. As far as we know, only wild collected organic sea buckthorn from Uzbekistan has such high levels of these. Cultivated sea buckthorn or sea buckthorn from other regions do not contain omega 7 or B12 in equivalent quantities. B12 is very rarely found in foods of plant origin. Omega 7 inhibits inflammation in the body, thereby having a positive effect on many disease induced symptoms.

Mulberries contain several vitamins, including vitamin C, and various secondary plant substances, such as essential amino acids, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and maganese. Another health benefit accredited to mulberries is their antioxidant content, giving them their reputation as the perfect anti-ageing fruit. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals that can damage the genetic make-up of our cells. When genetic material is damaged in this way, diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis or rheumatism can occur.

An incredible berry mix!

Lots of berries have a very high antioxidant capacity! The body’s defence mechanisms are strengthened by foods rich in antioxidants, and this helps to neutralise excessive production of free radicals.


An incredible berry mix!

Our organic forest berry mix is incredible – take a look at the ingredients and see for yourself. This mix contains 1 different types of berry, in a perfect blend of tastes and flavours. This selection of exquisite organic berries is fruity, sweet, sour and slightly bitter, all at the same time! We recommend combining 2 or 3 different ones in snacks, as the combination of flavours is very enjoyable and delicious.

Origin and Production:

All the ingredients are of a very high organic quality!

We source all our organic ingredients (except the cranberries) exclusively from the scenic forest regions around Samarkand/Uzbekistan. Many berries still grow wild there, and also in remote areas.

Large parts of the forests and fields are certified for organic products and are worked by the local organic farmers or, where wild berries grow, they are ploughed by hand at harvest times only. The farmers in this area have complied with organic cultivation criteria for many years and are proud of their contribution towards sustaining the natural balance.

By purchasing this organic product, you support and contribute towards organic agriculture and environmental protection.

All ingredients are pressure treated, controlled and if possible laser cleaned in our production in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests. When undergoing several rounds of cleansing in the laser cleaning facility afterwards, the products are checked individually to make sure they contain no impurities.

We then check the ingredients once again, select individual ingredients and gently mix them, ensuring that breakage is kept to a minimum.

Dried Organic ingredients: Aronia berries, barberries, wild blackberries, cranberry halves (cranberries, cane sugar, sunflower oil), strawberry slices, wild bilberries, raspberries, elderberries, blackcurrants, wild sea buckthorn, white mulberries.

As the mix is a purely natural product, the proportions of the ingredients may vary.

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