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Our aromatic macadamia nut oil is of the finest organic quality. The oil is gently cold pressed, carefully processed and bottled in Austria, and highly sought after by aficionados.

Our macadamia nut oil extra virgin organic:
• from gentle cold pressing
• 100% natural product
• unfiltered & not refined
• intensive aromatic taste
• from finest macadamia nuts
• also suitable for external use
• typical for variety
• vegan

Vital ingredients:
The macadamia nut is also known as the Queen of Nuts, with a very high 75% fat content. A large proportion of the fats contained - 80% - are unsaturated, and can positively affect the cardio-vascular system. [1,2] Macadamia nuts and the oil gained from them are also rich in magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and B vitamins. These are important for strong nerves and healthy bones. [3]

Nutrients per 100g:
Energy: 900 kcal/ 3700kJ
Protein: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g - of these, sugar: 0g
Fat:100g - of this, saturated fatty acids 13g
of these, monounsaturated fatty acids 84g
of these, polyunsaturated fatty acids 3g
Fibre: 0g
Sodium: 0g
Salt: 0g

Origin and processing:
We source macadamia nuts for our oil from Kenyan small farmers. Production locations meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. Fair working methods are a big part of our philosophy. Our on-site project partners give many families the means to become financially independent.
We take our time to make sure the oil meets our standards. Premium raw materials and extremely gentle cold pressing are the basis for our incomparable organic macadamia nut oil.
Our macadamia nut oil has a strongly nutty and aromatic fragrance, is very typical for the nut variety, very soft and smooth. It´s an excellent care product for the skin and hair.
Our organic macadamia nut oil can be used to prepare and complement salads, soups, desserts, pastries, sweet dishes, ice cream and lots more savoury, cold, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our organic macadamia nut oil is gently cold pressed, suitable for stewing and poaching, but not for frying or roasting foods. Note: After opening, we recommend storing the oil in a refrigerator. (Store in a cool and dry place) When stored in a cool place, the oil may become cloudy or flaky. This is normal for natural and cold pressed oils, and does not signify inferior quality.
Pamper yourself and your body. Macadamia nut oil is rich in palmitoleic acid, a substance occurring naturally in the skin, but which lessens with age. This is why macadamia nut oil is ideal for nurturing and moisturising mature and dry skin. Macadamia nut oil can also be used on the hair.

[2] [2]
[3] DEBInet German Network for Nutritional Advice

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