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Barberries originate from the Himalaya massif and its foothills: our barberries grow on the
slopes of the Tien Shan and Pamir mountain range in Uzbekistan.The origin of the Latin name
barberris is presumed to come from the Arabic: on the one hand, due to the similar sound to
berber as an ancient name for people from Arabia and parts of Africa, and, on the other
hand, due to the Arabic term berberis for D88 shell, which describes the shell-like leaves.Barberris are very acidic, due to the extremely high vitamin C content of these little red berries.
The main use for barberries in Asia is in rice dishes (pilau): their acidity gives these dishes a
taste all of their own. In addition to rice dishes, barberries can be used in many desserts,
muffins, etc. Of course, they are also great for adding to mueslis, yoghurts and mousses. Bon


Barberry helps to heal leaky gut. For more than 2500 years barberry has been used for medical reasons. Referring to the University of Maryland Medical Center, barberry has come into operation when treating gastrointestinal complaints or for reducing fever. Today the herb finds medical recognition especially in Iran for gallbladder disease and heartburn treatments.

Barberry contains berberine which works against parasites and bacteria; it can lower blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory as well as sedative and anti-convulsive effects. Studies show that berberine strengthens the intestinal epithelial tight junction which has a barrier function, meaning it prevents bacteria from getting into contact with the immune system. Thus, extracts of berberine can be beneficial for treatments of inflammatory bowel changes.

Potential contraindications and side effects should be taken into consideration (the supervision of a doctor is advisable). [1 und 2]

Барбарис сушёный биологический, Узбекистан, Самарканд


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