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Our organic bee pollen is:

  • 100% natural
  • rich in vital substances
  • aromatic and very intensive taste
  • from controlled organic cultivation
  • checked several times
  • naturally vegan
  • raw food

Vital substances:

Delicate grains that are full of energy!

Pollen is the seed cells of plants. Since their purpose is to originate new life (flowers/blossoms), they require various important vital substances, including vitamins B, C, D and E, proteins and magnesium. Pollen also contain many enzymes or coenzymes, having antioxidant, antibiotic properties and are a source of B12.

People in ancient times were also aware of pollen’s benefits, including the Ancient Egyptians. Pollen is still said to

  • refill the body’s depots,
  • improve performance, especially when under stress
  • improve the mood
  • calm the stomach and intestine
  • support the body’s defence mechanisms, especially during bad weather and illnesses
  • even help to slow down the ageing process [1,2,3]


Our pollen grains are little balls of energy that can help us to cope better with the stresses of everyday life. Colours range from pale summery yellow to a vivid autumnal orange, depending on the blossom the pollen comes from. What a beautiful way to display natural diversity! Our pollen has a characteristic taste, full of variety and slightly sweet.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic pollen from the EU. Regions in which the bees gather pollen are subject to EU organic regulations. As bees don’t have set flight paths, it’s very important that surrounding regions are friendly towards the idea of organic farming. Annual controls are carried out for this purpose. We collaborate closely with our suppliers to ensure that only the finest quality reaches the customer.

Bees gather pollen from blossoms. The beekeeper places a net in front of the beehive that scrapes pollen off the bees when they enter the hive.

The pollen falls into a container underneath the net, and this is then collected, cleaned and dried by the beekeeper.

Product purity:

After the pollen is imported to Austria, we carry out further internal quality controls involving several checks.

Organic ingredients: bee pollen


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[2] Bio- Blütenpollen

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