Organic Dandelion Root Powder

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Our organic Dandelion root powder is:

  • 100% purely natural root powder
  • gently processed
  • vegan
  • without artificial or natural additives
  • no preserving agents
  • no sweeteners
  • no colouring agents

Vital substances:

Most of us are more familiar with the dandelion flower than its root underneath the ground.  The dandelion root and its nutrients are worth taking a closer look at.

Bitter constituents are an important group of substances in the roots, stimulating our digestive glands and the formation of secretion and having a diuretic effect. A “flushing” function occurs when the digestion is stimulated and urine excreted.

The dandelion root is used in traditional medicine for treating rheumatic disease, eczemas and diabetes [1].

Another important field of application for the root is in the treatment of cancer patients, particularly for those who prefer alternatives to chemotherapy. Cases of cancer have in fact been greatly alleviated through treatment with dandelion root.


Our dandelion root powder is slightly strong and aromatic in taste. They have a pourable consistency and are ideal for processing. The powder is beige in colour.

Origin and Production:

Our powder is of the finest quality!

We source our organic dandelion root powder from the EU. After harvesting the roots have been thoroughly cleaned, cut into pieces, carefully dried and then they are ground into a powder. Only the finest pieces are processed into powder. The dandelion plants are cultivated in regions certified for organic farming. The organic farmers living here work the surrounding area, improving our lives and their own by implementing traditional methods in harmony with nature.

Product purity:

The dandelion root powder is pressure treated and controlled in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients:  Dandelion root powder

Source: [1] Wikipedia Löwenzahn / Dandelion

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