Organic dried Cantaloupe Melon "Kandalak"

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Organic Fairtrade cantaloupe "Kandalak". The Organic Fairtrade cantaloupe is grown by 3 Fairtrade certified organic smallholder producer groups in the metropolitan area of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The melons are harvested carefully manual. Then they are washed at the processing plant, peeled and finally cut into balls by hand. They are sun-dried. The drying method used is very environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral which is extremely gentle on the product and the ingredients are preserved as best possible due to low drying temperatures. Enjoy the taste and the potential of our Organic Fairtrade raw Cantaloupe melons, piece by piece, bite for bite! Our organic Canataloupe is 100% pure nature, an ideal snack between meals, without preservatives, without sweeteners, no artificial colouring or other unnatural artificial or natural additives.

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