Organic dried pomegranates, White Star, Uzbekistan 5 kg

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Our organic pomegranates are:

• 100% natural
• unoiled and unsweetened
• superfruit & antioxidant

• without preserving agents
• without any acidifiers or sweetener
• without colouring agents or other unnatural additives

Pomegranates are said to positively influence a range of diseases, for example, cancer and disorders of the cardiovascular system. Researchers have discovered that pomegranates are rich in phytoestrogens, and particularly in oestrone. Oestrone is a mildly effective oestrogene similar to the female sex hormone.



The pomegranate is also rich in vitamin A, C, potassium and antioxidants. The fruit contains high levels of secondary plant substances, such as polyphenols (flavonoids, tannins).
Pomegranates can stimulate the body, which is particularly beneficial in cases of chronic fatigue, listlessness, infections and inflammation. [1 to 4].


Our white star pomegranate segments are an attractive pale pinkish colour. During the drying process, the segments become less moist, leaving the seeds coated with fruit skin. The seeds are crunchy and edible. The surrounding fruit flesh, including the skin, gives the seeds their aromatic, characteristically fruity taste.

The pomegranate is the subject of legends: Said to have triggered the Trojan War, in Christian culture it symbolises the fertility of Mary, mother of Jesus. It is regarded as a symbol of life – the Ancient Egyptians placed pomegranates in mummies‘ tombs. The pomegranate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac has persisted to the present day, and it is an ingredient in many love potions.

Dried pomegranates contain the same nutrients as fresh pomegranates, in a concentrated form. That’s why dried fruits are indispensable for a balanced diet.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic pomegranates exclusively from Uzbekistan. Large parts of the region are certified for organic a

After harvesting, a special procedure is used to remove the seeds from the hard skin and then gently dried using solar energy. The drying process is very eco-friendly, using a solar drying method that has a minimal impact on the product.

The pomegranates are pressure treated in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients: Organic white Pomegranates dried


[1] Wikipedia: Granatapfel / Pompegranate
[2] DEBInet
Deutsches Ernährungsberatungs- und Informationsnetz

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