Organic FAIRTRADE Black Beauty Raisins

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Our organic Fairtrade raisins are:

•100% natural
•contain antioxidants
•in Fairtrade and raw food quality

•100% organic
•sun-dried/solar dried
•checked several times

•without preserving agents
•without any acidifiers or sweetener
•without colouring agents or other natural additives

Vital substances:

Dried raisins contain the same nutrients as fresh grapes, in a concentrated form. That’s why dried fruits are indispensable for a balanced diet.

Some of the substances contained in raisins are called antioxidants, which prevent unwanted oxidation from taking place in our bodies. This is why they are also known as free radical scavengers. Their action slows down the cells‘ ageing process, and reduces the effects of a number of diseases [1 and 3].

The amino acids active in raisins, in particular valine, threonine, lysine, leucine and histidine [1 and 2] are also beneficial to health.

Raisins have a very high antioxidant capacity of 10450 µmol TE (ORAC value = Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity).

The body’s defence mechanisms are strengthened by foods rich in antioxidants, and this helps to neutralise excessive production of free radicals. The recommended ORAC daily requirement is between 5000 and 7000 [4].


The Black Beauty raisin is an ancient variety that was cultivated along the Silk Road because of its attractive appearance. As time passed, it was forgotten, like so many other things. A few years ago, records about this delightful grape variety were found in old books, and people began planting more of them. Organic Fairtrade Black Beauty raisins are really beautiful shiny large black raisins. The fruit flesh and skin are very soft, intensely sweet and fruity. The raisins do not have pips.

The beauty from 1001 Nights! The Black Beauty raisins are an old variety that were previously cultivated quite common along the Silk Road due to its beautiful appearance. In the course of time, like so many other things they have been forgotten. We found this variety of raisins in old records and cultivated it: the result is sensational - large, sweet and dark glossy black raisins.

The production is yielded by environmental friendly solar dryers that do not damage the product. Our dried raisins obtain a unique size and fantastic aroma by the excellent quality of soil, the intense sunlight of Uzbekistan and by numerous gentle and careful manual work. Thus we have established a small but fine production with our Black Beauty organic raisins, we emphasize quality rather than quantity.

Our organic Black Bauty raisins are grown by small farmer groups in the scenic environment of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The grapes are harvested by hand when fully ripe and on the very same day sorted by hand and carefully dried.

It takes 700 g of fresh organic grapes to produce 100g of organic Black Beauty raisins, a ratio of 1:7!

Organic dried Black Beauty Raisins: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 100%. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for producers in developing countries to invest in their businesses and communities for a ustainable future.


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