Organic Fairtrade Cardamom whole pods

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Our organic cardamom is:
100% pure cardamom
100% pure nature
very intense in taste and smell
naturally vegan
without preservatives
without any acidulants or sweeteners
without coloring or other natural additives

Useful information:
Cardamom is said to have intoxicating and aphrodisiac effects.

It are the essential oils contained that determine the tone (taste) of this mystic spice. They give cardamom a strong, stringent and sometimes slightly sweet taste. Our body enjoys this spice, especially when it is included in heavier dishes of any kind, because it stimulates the production of saliva, gastric and bile juices, which in turn is very beneficial for our digestion.

Our whole organic cardamom pods are carefully selected, aromatic and large whole cardamom pods. Due to the organic cultivation method, our cardamom not only has many important benefits, but also a fundamentally sustainable product. Even if it is "only" a question of a spice, we assume that how the spices are handled has a decisive influence on the quality of the products you make out of it.

Origin and production:
We source our organic cardamom from Sri Lanka and Kerala in South India. The growing areas are certified organic and are cultivated by small peasant farmers who live there. Through organic cultivation, the local farmers make their own personal daily contribution to a nature-friendly approach to our planets farming system.

After the manual harvest, the capsules are gently dried, inspected and finally sorted and graded according to size and quality. Many work steps are traditionally carried out exclusively by hand.
In Austria the cardamom pods are pressure treated and inspected again several times. With pressure removal, the interaction of pressure and time ensures absolute freedom from pests.

The typical intense taste of cardamom refines many dishes of Indian cuisine, curries, rice dishes, Christmas bakery, breads, desserts, ice cream, sauces and tasty herbal and yogi teas or oriental coffee.

Organic ingredient: finest organic Fairtrade cardamom pods (made from green cardamom)

Energie / energy kcal/100 g 336
Energie / energy kJ/100 g 1405
Eiweiß / proteins g/100g 10,8
Kohlenhydrate / carbohydrates g/100g 57,2
davon Zucker /of which sugar g/100g 30,88
Fett / fat g/100g 6,7
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / of which saturated fatty acids g/100g 0,369
Ballaststoffe / fibre g/100g 11,29
Natrium / sodium g/100g 0,018
Salz / salt g/100g 0,045

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