Organic Fairtrade Delicacy Oils 2.4 kg

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Our gift box is:

  • Pure enjoyment!
  • Made up of select products
  • An ideal gift for friends, family or for yourself.
  • A box of goodies with 4 different very aromatic oils,
  • A gift that helps to support our organic Fairtrade farmers
  • Attractive and elegantly packaged

The pleasure of giving:

We often give presents to people, especially on festive occasions, but frequently, they’re things that we don’t really need. How many of us still give foodstuffs as gifts?

Give friends or family a beautiful organic Fairtrade gift box. A combination of select organic olis, with the positive aspects of Fairtrade.

This gift box includes:

  • our exclusive, high-quality cold pressed

intensely fragrant almond oil

very aromatic walnut oil

pleasantly nutty sesame oil and our fruity extra virgin olive oil!

Origin and Production:

The raw materials used in our organic Fairtrade almond, walnut and sesame oil are imported exclusively from Uzbekistan. Hot, cloudless summers offer excellent conditions for growing very aromatic, flavoursome seeds and nuts. The dry desert climate has very little precipitation in summer and is ideal for organic cultivation. Since the produce grows on a high plateau with large fluctuations in temperature, the nuts acquire a more intensive aroma, and the area’s remoteness and idyllic nature give them an extra special quality.
Only the best, perfect olives are used for our organic Fairtrade Nabali olive oil, harvested and produced through the hard work performed by Fairtrade certified small farmers in Palestine.

After takeover of the individual raw materials for the first 3 oils here in Austria, we carry out careful detailed checks on them. They are then gently cold pressed, and slowly filtered. The products are then made by hand, calmly applying gentle methods and attention to detail.

Contents Organic and Fairtrade: Cold pressed almond oil, walnut oil, sesame oil and olive oil. 100% Fairtrade.

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