Organic FAIRTRADE Garnish Mix gluten free

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Our organic fairtrade Garnish Mix gluten free is:

  • tested for gluten externally and internally
  • simple, fast preparation
  • ideal for a variety of organic dishes
  • in harmony with people and nature
  • 100% organic and fairtrade
  • controlled several times in accordance with our strict quality standards
  • naturally vegan

The best for your health!

Our organic garnish mix is a healthy alternative, allowing you time for other activities and for friends and family. You can use the garnish mix according to preference and make a complete meal out of it together with your favourite foods.

The trend to gluten free eating:

An increasing number of people are turning to low gluten or gluten free foods.  They frequently notice that when making this change, including a complete changeover to gluten free, they are physically invigorated, feeling „lighter“ and more energetic. There are plenty of good reasons to try our cooking mixes!

Why Fairtrade is so important:

By purchasing our chutney, you not only give your taste buds a special treat, but also help to support many projects in the areas of health care, infrastructure, illiteracy, quality of life and women's rights. The biggest benefit for all Fairtrade farmers is that their sales are guaranteed, enhancing their self-esteem. Their livelihoods are more secure and their children have greater prospects.

Our organic Fairtrade garnish mix is pleasantly aromatic and full of variety. All the ingredients are of a high quality and optimally blended.  Each individual ingredient has its own flavour. Different types of fragrant rice, more strongly flavoured quinoa and millet, with mild red lentils adding the final touch to the mix. Cooking times are between 15 and 20 minutes, according to preference.



All ingredients are of very high organic quality, and if they are Fairtrade products, these are of course Fairtrade certified.

Like our organic Jasmin rice is sourced from Thailand. The Jasmin rice grown and processed using strict organic and fairtrade guidelines. Our organic Basmati rice is sourced from Indian and our organic Quinoa is sourced from Bolivian.

Thanks to cooperation with Fairtrade, the farmers can earn their living in a secure and independent fashion. The Fairtrade bonus helps them to finance projects such as clean drinking water, learning materials for schoolchildren and educational projects.

The ingredients are mixed with the greatest care and packaged in our facilities in Austria.

Customers and consumers can be sure that the product delivers on its promises.

Organic Ingredients: Jasmine rice° (35%), basmati rice° (35%), quinoa royal° (10%), red lentils (10%), golden millet (10%).

°Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 85%.

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