Organic FAIRTRADE golden cane sugar 25 kg

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Our organic Fairtrade cane sugar is:

  • 100% organic
  • 100% Fairtrade
  • aromatic and sweet
  • premium quality
  • undergo several controls
  • vegan
  • raw food

Vital substances:

Organic or conventional foods? Organic, of course, because they mean health!

Organic is:

  1. full flavour
  2. a naturally good feeling
  3. 100% natural
  4. minimal use of chemicals
  5. fair dealings
  6. sustainable
  7. GMO free
  8. protects the environment
  9. protects the climate
  10. transparent production processes

That’s why we recommend our organic sugar instead of conventional sugar.


Our golden organic Fairtrade cane sugar is a warm shiny golden colour with a very sweet taste. The sweetness isn’t the usual bland taste of conventional sugar varieties, but has a full flavour typical for cane sugar. Our natural, 100% pure cane sugar is made using methods having a minimal impact on the product. The sugar is coarsely grained.

Origin and Production:

Organic Fairtrade products increase consumer awareness of social and ecological issues.

We source our organic fairtrade sugar exclusively from Paraguay.

By purchasing this organic Fairtrade cane sugar, you help to support the small famers of the „Cooperativa El Arroyense“ and „Cooperativa Montillo“ in Paraguay.

By cooperating, individual farmers in these groups can have their sugar processed and sold.

The Fairtrade bonus is used for a range of projects, for example, to help cover organic certification costs or finance extra seasonal workers at fair conditions.

Fairtrade farmers also receive support for their health care and they have the opportunity to obtain small loans on fair terms, enabling them to carry out Fairtrade projects without being under excessive financial pressure.

Product purity:

Our sugar is pressure treated and controlled in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients: cane sugar°-° Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 100%.


[1] Wikipedia Rohrzucker / Sugar

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