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Our organic mixed nuts are:

  • exquisite and delicious blend
  • blended for a harmonious taste
  • gentle mixing methods
  • 100% purely natural
  • premium quality
  • full of nutrients
  • exclusively selected
  • undergo several controls
  • naturally vegan

Vital substances:

Eating nuts regularly can result in quite substantial health benefits! Research has shown that the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in nuts stabilise blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and inhibit inflammatory reactions.

Further benefits include the high level of B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorous and manganese. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, protecting our bodies from harmful oxidation, free radicals and stabilising the cell membranes. Nuts also provide the body with calcium, iron, potassium and zinc [1 to 3].

They are an excellent choice as part of a balanced healthy diet.


Our organic Fairtrade supernuts are an exquisite selection of nuts, whose flavours are perfectly matched. The varieties differ greatly in taste – sweet, a little salty, strong, making this special nut mix so much better than ordinary mixes.

Origin and Production:

Many of the organic Fairtrade nuts used in our mix are sourced from the region around Samarkand/ Uzbekistan. Samarkand is situated on the former Uzbek Silk Road. The farmers are part of a large Fairtrade community made up of 3 groups, Dustkul Bogi, Turkiston Gulba and Turob Bobo. 1,000 farmers and their families belong to the community. By working with Fairtrade, the farmers can provide their families with a secure income and offer their children new opportunities.

We source our organic Fairtrade cashews from Sri Lanka. The farmers belong to one of the two Fairtrade groups, SOFA or MOPA.

Our wild organic Fairtrade brazil nuts are from Bolivia. Members of the COINACAP cooperative in the Bolivian rainforest gather and process the brazil nuts using sustainable methods. Fairtrade support the cooperative and also help to protect the rainforest, our planet’s «green lung ».

By purchasing this organic fairtrade product, you support and contribute towards organic agriculture and environmental protection.

We insist on the highest quality for all our ingredients, and source the ingredients only from selected suppliers we have been doing business with for many years.

Ingredients: Apricot kernels*°, brazil nuts*°, almonds*°, cashews*°, chocolate almonds*° (dark chocolate*° (raw cane sugar*°, cocoa mass*°, cocoa butter*°, cocoa powder*°), roasted almonds*°, cocoa powder*°), sugared almonds*° (almonds°, sugar°), almonds*° roasted and salted (almonds*°, salt), walnuts*°, cashews*° roasted and salted (cashews*° roasted, salt).

*from certified organic farming.

°Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 100%.  As the mix is a purely natural product, the proportions of different nuts may vary.

EFSA recommends a consumption of not more than 1-2 apricot kernels per day.


 [1] DEBInet Deutsches Ernährungsberatungs- und Informationsnetz

[2] Wikipedia Nussfrucht

[3] ORAC USDA Database

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