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What is Acai?

Acai berries are the fruits of the acai palm. Our organic acai is sourced from intact Brazilian rainforests. The berries are harvested by hand from wild growing acai palms.
Organic acai berries are very rare. They taste good, are full of valuable ingredients and contribute towards maintaining the Amazonas rainforest.

Why are acai berries a superfood?

• Contain high levels of natural vitamins A and C, which boost the immune system, promote cell renewal and support detoxification
• Their high level of antioxidants with an ORAC value of 102,700 protects against heart disease, is anti-inflammatory and can reduce the risk of developing cancer by removing free radicals from the body
• The berries contain calcium, potassium and iron in large quantities. These minerals protect bones and teeth, regulating the body´s acid-base balance, supplying muscles and nerves with energy, making them the ideal source of plant nutrition for vegans
• The skin of the acai berry additionally contains considerable amounts of fibre, stimulating the digestion and promoting intestinal health.
• Essential fatty acids are another health benefit, as they can reduce cholesterol levels and protect against high blood pressure

What are acai bowls?

In order to bring out the flavour of acai berries in the best possible way, so-called acai bowls were created in California a few years ago.
These bowls are semi-frozen stirred acai puree, mixed with banana, strawberries and a splash of coconut milk (fat-soluble vitamin A is more easily absorbed with the fat in coconut milk). Acai bowls are a refreshing, nutritious and filling cold creme with an amazing taste!

What are organic acai-guarana bowls?

Upon request we´ll add some guarana to your bowl. The guarana fruit grows in the Amazonas region, and contains natural caffeine, which – in contrast to caffeine found in coffee - keeps you awake for several hours, is better tolerated and stimulates the metabolism.

Toppings for our organic bowls

Toppings for our bowls include organic goji berries (contain B vitamins, antioxidants, essential amino acids and much more), organic coconut flakes, organic crunchy muesli, organic bananas, organic amaranth pops, organic nuts, organic hemp seeds and many other products from our range.
We also have gluten-free options.

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