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Our organic Matcha powder is:

  • very high quality
  • ideal for tasty teas
  • pleasantly mild taste
  • high level of quality
  • undergo several controls
  • 100% natural
  • natural vegan
  • without preserving agents
  • free of colourants or other unnatural additives
  • without colouring agents or other unnatural additives

Vital substances effect:

This tea speciality is a green tea that has been ground into a very fine powder. It’s very fitting that matcha means „ground tea“ in Japanese. Matcha tea is a striking deep green colour.

Like green tea, matcha tea contains positive substances, above all vitamins A, B, C, and E, as well as the secondary plant substance catechin. Although matcha tea and our other tea varieties might not provide your daily requirement of these vitamins, they are beneficial to health and help provide the body with all its needs [1].

Moments of calm in hectic times:

Tea ceremonies have a touch of magic. Preparing a matcha tea, stir the tea with the bamboo broom until frothy, waiting until the ingredients blend with the hot water, relaxing and enjoying the tea to the full – this kind of magic occurs only during a genuine tea ceremony (see how to use).


Our organic matcha powder has a very elegant, pleasantly delicate aroma with an invigorating touch. This very fine powder is of exceptional quality, especially pure and produced using gentle methods. Our matcha tea is perfect when you need to take a relaxing break from your hectic daily routine.


We source our organic matcha from Japan, as Japanese matcha tea is the best and highest quality made by experts.

We place great value on the high quality of our matcha tea, purchasing only from selected suppliers. Regular controls carried out with the strictest criteria guarantee very high quality.

Organic ingredient: Matcha powder extra fancy


[1] Wikipedia Matcha / Grüner Tee / green tea

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