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Inulin is a natural, prebiotic, water-soluble fiber for the human body. It belongs to the group of fructans and is composed of chains of fructose molecules. Inulin cannot be metabolized and migrates undigested into the colon. Only then can the fructose contained in the inulin be broken down and used.

Its prebiotic effect contributes to a healthy and balanced intestinal flora by promoting the growth of bifido-bacteria. It improves digestion, strengthens the immune system and regulates blood sugar levels. Also, the intake of calcium, iron and magnesium is improved and the intake of fat and cholesterol is reduced.

Our organic inulin is made from Mexican organic agaves, gently sun-dried and carefully ground into powder.
Since it does not affect taste or appearance, it can be added in any food. Use it as an addition to cereals, bars or for baking.

It is recommended to increase the intake slowly. The daily dose in an adult should not exceed 10-30g. Take inulin with plenty of water / liquid.

Side effects of overdose are bloating and diarrhea. People who suffer from fructose intolerance should discuss their use with their doctor.

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