Organic Papaya Spears

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Our organic papaya spears are:

• 100% purely natural
• gently processed
• sun-dried
• vegan
• raw food

• not treated with sulphur
• without artificial or natural additives
• no preserving agents
• no sweeteners
• no colouring agents

Vital substances:

Papayas can play a vital role in our nutrition, as all important vitamins and minerals are naturally present in them. They have considerable amounts of vitamins A, C, E and almost all B vitamins [1 and 2]. Papaya spears, however, contain all the vital substances in a concentrated form. This makes them an even better, and above all, healthy source of vital substances. The natural world makes it possible for the fruits to give us this nutritional bounty.


Dried papaya spears have very strong aromatic taste. The texture tends to be firm and strong. The dried spears are orange to dark orange. Some of the spears may stick together.

Did you know?
Papayas can be eaten when still green - the taste is then similar to that of a cucumber. Green papayas can however be used as a salad vegetable or in the same way as a pumpkin. The papaya fruits grow to a length of between 15 and 45 cm and are 10 to 30 cm in diameter. They weigh 3 to 6 kg. As you can see, papayas can grow to a considerably larger size than those on sale in our supermarkets. Fresh papayas contain black edible seeds with high levels of “papain”, a protein-splitting enzyme, which serves to protect the plant against pests.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic papaya spears from Sri Lanka. These fruits, some of which grow to a great size, are cultivated in regions certified for organic farming. The organic farmers living here work the surrounding area, improving our lives and their own by implementing traditional methods in harmony with nature.

Papayas are harvested when they are fully ripe. After harvesting, the skin and seeds are removed and the papaya cut into spears (strips). The processing steps are carried out carefully by hand in extremely hygienic conditions. In this way the high quality of the dried organic papayas is guaranteed.

Product purity:

The papayas are pressure treated and controlled in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients:  Papaya dried


[1] Wikipedia Papaya
[2] DEBInet
Deutsches Ernährungsberatungs- und Informationsnetz

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