Organic Protein Mix

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Our organic Protein Mix

Our organic Protein Mix as a valuable source of protein for all those of us that want to get their extra-proteins from a natural, close-to-nature, healthy and nutritious food source. A delicious blend of sunflower seeds, lightly salted roasted crunchy Austrian pumpkin seeds and soy beans, raw cacao beans dried with their pulp-on and sultanas.

Nutrition Facts 100 g:

Energy - 439Kcal/1831kJ

Proteins- 19

Carbohydrates-31  of which sugar-26,9

Fet-24 of which saturated fatty acids-4,2




Ingredients: Sultana raisins, Sunflowerkernels, Soybeans roasted & salted, Pumpkin seeds roasted & salted, Cacaobeans with pulp.

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