Organic raw Paleo Sunset Fruit and Nut Mix

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Organic Paleo Sunset Mix

Our organic Paleo-Sunset Mix is a high-quality blend of Sicilian almonds, wild rainforest Brazil nuts, fine apple corners, fruity mango stripes, sweet-sour physalis/golden berries and extra large goji berries. All ingredients are in raw-food quality, nutritious, healthy and as close to nature as possible hence with all valuable nutrients.

Nutrition Facts 100 g:

Energy - 464Kcal/1932kJ

Proteins- 12

Carbohydrates-36 of which sugar-29

Fet -27 of which saturated fattyacids - 5

Fibre - 14



Ingredients: Sicilian Almonds*, Brazil nuts*, Physalis*, Apples*, Mangos*, Gojis*


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