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Our organic Sage is:

  • heals the body internally
  • 100% natural
  • very pure
  • very fragrant
  • high level of quality
  • undergo several controls
  • Raw food
  • Vegan

Vital substances effect:

The word sage is derived from the Latin „salvare“ meaning to heal. These little leaves are full of healing powers, as they contain valuable substances, including flavonoids, tannins and essential sage oil.

Vital substances such as these are particularly beneficial for digestive problems, sore throats, inflammation of the throat and mouth, generally helping to calm the body.

Its antiperspirant and disinfectant properties make sage the ideal ingredient for tea blends [1].

Another of the sage plants’ many attributes is the capacity to strengthen and stabilise the body, and it also helps to support respiratory, reproductive, nervous systems and other bodily functions.


Our organic sage has a pleasantly strong aroma. The pleasant fragrance and rich taste of our sage leaves are adding aroma and livening up all your meals. The sage spice is gently dried, sorted and controlled several times. You can be assured that our produce is of the highest quality.

Our sage leaves are completely natural, adding that special something to your dishes, with the typical agreeable taste of sage.

Origin and Production:

We source our organic sage exclusively from Uzbekistan.

By purchasing this product, you help to support many projects bringing about better health care and infrastructure, standards of education, especially for children, and projects aiding women.

The greatest benefit that farmers derive from the scheme is being able to sell their products, boosting their confidence and putting them in a stronger position by way of self-help and mutual assistance. This is especially important to women, since, when they earn an extra income, they can contribute more to their families and children. This makes their lives more secure and improves prospects for their children.

Product purity:

The sage is processed in a careful way and gently dried using solar energy. The drying process is very eco-friendly, using a solar drying method that has a minimal impact on the product. The sage is pressure treated and controlled in Austria. During the pressure process, the combination of pressure and time ensures that the product is completely free of pests.

Organic ingredients: Sage dried° certified and sourced from producers. Total 100%.

Шалфей для чая сушёный биологический, Узбекистан, Самарканд


[1] Wikipedia Salbei / Sage

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