Organic Siberian Cedar nuts, wild collected pine kernels

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- 100% wild collected from Siberia
- Extra aromatic
- Freshly cracked
- Gently dried
- raw food quality

Our Siberian cedar nuts come from the Siberian stone pine, Pinus Sibirica. This tree can only be found in the untouched forests and wast expanses of Siberia and has been an important food source for the native population of Siberia for thousands of years. In Siberia this tree and the cedar nuts have always been mystified and honored in many traditional rituals
The main difference between the Siberian pine nuts and the European pine varities is their appearance and taste. Due to the harsh climate, Mother Nature imbedded the cedar nuts with a very hard shell to protect them. The Siberian cedar nut is triangular (compared to the elongated European varieties) and crunchy, with a very mild and pleasant taste. Due to the climate, the stone pine bears for the first time in 20-30 years.

We obtain our Siberian organic cedar nuts - pine kernels exclusively from a sustainably organic certified wild collection project in Siberia.
The Siberian cedar is the most valuable tree in the Tundra and only grows in a healthy habitat. With the purchase of our organic cedar nuts you contribute to environmental protection and the preservation of the Siberian forests. The more cedar nuts are processed, the more valuable the preservation of the trees becomes and the more important they are as a livelihood for the local population who will do everything in their power to preserve the forests.
Our organic cedar nuts are carefully harvested by hand, mechanically cleaned and inspected several times.

The harvest of our organic cedar kernels is hard work and employs 100,000e small farmers and collectors all over Siberia who bring the cones with the valuable nuts to the collection points, where they are immediately dried and safely stored. The processing is done carefully and slowly by machine with the goal to keep the cedar nuts undamaged.

Our organic cedar nuts are cleaned several times and then pressure treated to guarantee the highest product quality.

Our organic cedar nuts are best enjoyed as a raw healthy snack. They can also be roasted briefly on request and also refined with salt or spices. You can also use the kernels to create wonderful pestos and desserts. Each salad is greatly upgraded visually and in terms of taste!

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