Organic Soy Bolognese vegan

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Our organic Soy Bolognese vegan is:

  • 100% vegan
  • 100% organic
  • simple, fast preparation
  • popular with young and old
  • ideal for a light, healthy meal
  • in harmony with people and nature

Our healthy vegan organic foods!

 From our point of view, vegan foods aren’t just a fashionable lifestyle trend! Almost all of our products are vegan and are manufactured and packaged in accordance with vegan criteria, including our vegan Soy Bolognese.


Our organic Soy Bolognese is pleasantly aromatic and goes particularly well with pasta and other accompaniments. Our organic Soy Bolognese is a healthy alternative, allowing you more time for yourself, family and friends. You can add fresh ingredients to them as you wish. Ready in around 10 minutes.

Add some variety to your organic cuisine and cook up some delicious organic dishes for yourself and your family.


All the ingredients are of a very high organic quality, since we work hand in hand with our suppliers. That means: we maintain particularly close relations with all our partner suppliers, even if they are located far from Austria. We value very fair dealings and fair prices.

Many types of vegetables and spices grow in Uzbekistan, and they give our Soya Bolognese a very intensive, spicy taste. The vegetables and spices grow outdoors under sunny skies. Solar energy is also used to gently dry the produce, ensuring that it has an even more intense, delicious flavour.

Customers and consumers can be sure that the product delivers on its promises.

In our facilities in Austria the ingredients are mixed with the greatest care and packaged immediately in foil bags. The bags are then put into the outer packaging by a youth charity organisation (Jugend am Werk). Our commitments range from fair prices for farmers to supportive measures for vulnerable people, helping them to pursue lives of self-determination.

Ingredients: Soy granules* 53%, vegan Bolognese-mix* 47% (in variable proportions: tomatoes*, carrots*, vegetable broth blend*, onion*, leek*, rosemary*, garlic*, oregano*, parsley*, thyme*, pepper*, basil*). *from certified organic farming.

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