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Our organic jumbo pecan nuts are:

  • 100% natural
  • Gently harvested, dried and processed
  • Premium Lemberona raw food quality
  • Controlled multiple times


Pecan nuts contain Vitamin B1, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and manganese, helping to meet daily requirements of minerals and vitamins. [1]

Polyunsaturated fatty acids in nuts have been proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels, stabilising blood sugar and fortifying the vessels, reducing the risk of stomach and prostate cancer, infarcts and inhibiting inflammation. [2]

North American Indians knew of the beneficial effects nuts have and ate pecan nuts especially during cold winter months, ensuring their survival.

Origin and processing:

Our Jumbo pecan nuts are extra-large and brown in colour. They have a pleasantly nutty, naturally mild taste. The nuts are similar to a walnut in shape, and the thin, brown edible skin covering the nut is also similar to that of a walnut.

Our pecan nuts are partially sourced from the Santa Cruz valley in the USA, and are an exclusive product, since only small amounts are harvested in the U.S. southern states.

Harvesting and purity:

Pecan nut harvesting takes place between October and November. The fruits are frozen immediately after being picked, to retain their freshness before they are peeled. The pecan nuts are then cracked open, cleaned, washed and dried. After being imported into Austria, the nuts are pressure disinfested and checked. The combination of time and pressure ensures that all pests in the nuts are eliminated during the pressure disinfestation process.

Organic ingredients: wild pecan nuts



Germinating nuts:

  •  Inhibits and reduces phytic acids

Phytic acid occurs in natural foods, inhibiting their absorption of minerals in the body. Reduction of phytic acid benefits us by allowing absorption of minerals in foods, so that they can be utilised by the body [3].

  •  Inhibits and reduces tannins

Tannins are tanning agents that the plant uses to defend itself. If we consume too many tannins with our food, the body may suffer from flatulence (digestive problems) and in particular, too little iron and calcium are absorbed (or minerals) [4].

  • neutralises enzyme inhibitors

The body has to react in certain ways to function smoothly and needs certain enzymes for these reactions. If the enzymes are inhibited, the body cannot function in an optimal way. That´s why it´s important to reduce this inhibition to a minimum. [5]

  • promotes production of useful enzymes…

and increases the amount of vitamins, in particular B vitamins. A new round of blossoming is set in motion during the germination process. Many important vital substances, such as vitamins and enzymes, are activated and mobilised. This is why germinated nuts are far more nutritious than non-germinated nuts.


You might try getting into the habit of soaking your nuts in lukewarm water in the evening and leaving them overnight, so that the nuts will have germinated by the next morning. If you have more germinated nuts than you can use straight away, we recommend storing them in the fridge, without the water. If you store them for a longer time, place them on something dry or dry them in the oven.
Germination time is 7 to 24 hours according to the type of food.


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[2] Wikipedia nut fruit

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[5] Wikipedia enzyme inhibition / enzyme inhibitor


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