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Our organic crunchy pineapple chips:

• 100% pure fruit
• carefully processed
• gently deep frozen
• naturally vegan
• gluten free
• not sulphurated (in accordance with EU Organic Directive)
• no artificial additives
• no preserving agents
• no sweeteners (contains natural sugar)
• unoiled
• no colouring agents


The perfect snack for in between meals, when travelling, doing sports, in the office or at home! 100% pineapple, completely natural, organic, vegan, gluten free and unsweetened (contains natural sugar). Ideal as a topping for muesli. Our pineapple chips are pale to dark yellow, crunchy and wonderfully fruity. After opening, we recommend keeping the pack tightly sealed and storing it a dry place.
Vital ingredients:
Pineapple contains bromelain, a protein splitting enyzme that inhibits blood coagulation, improves blood circulation, and which is used to treat arteriosclerosis. Pineapples are used in the cosmetics industry to reduce age spots and combat celluitits. They also aid the digestion and assist anti-inflammatory remedies. Pineapple has high levels of vitamin C, particularly beneficial to Europeans durng the winter months [1 and 2]. Freeze dried pineapple chips contain the same nutrients and vital ingredients as fresh pineapple, only in a concentrated form. Pineapple chips are ideal in a balanced diet.

Origin and production:

Our pineapple grows in western India, in the Western Ghats mountain region. The area is served by the Wayanad Social Service Society (WSSS). The society is a charitable organisation registered in 1860. WSSS greatly values the socio-economic development of local farmers, and their wives, young people and children.
After harvesting, the pineapple peel and central stem are removed. The fruit flesh is cut into chunks. The organic pineapple pieces are then gently freeze dried. Their moisture content never falls below 3%. This method ensures that all valuable nutrients are preserved. Stored at temperatures under 20°C, the pineapple chips can then be kept for up to 3 years. Soaked in warm water, our pineapple chips regain almost all their original appearance, freshness and consistency after around 10 minutes. No other drying method achieves such good results.

Organic ingredients: Pineapple chips freeze dried
Naturally vegan product, processed in a 100% vegan company.


[1] Wikipedia pineapple

[2] DEBInet German Network for Nutritional Advice

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