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Our Uzbek plate combines high standards of craftmanship with traditional art, with Western ideals of artistic beauty. Vibrant floral motifs and lively motifs decorate this plate from the “Silk Road” product range. The plate is painted in warm, vibrant colours.

Our “Samarkand“ plate is:

  • highly decorative
  • very solid
  • from glazed clay
  • hand made
  • hand painted
  •  Ø37 cm

Choose your personal plate, as a gift or for yourself.  This graceful plate is a pleasure to look at and use. Put together your personal tea set, according to your preferences. This plate is very popular for using on this own.

Origin and production:

Our plates have their origins in the scenic countryside around Samarkand/Uzbekistan, a region of striking contrasts, such as hot, cloudless summers followed by cold, harsh winters.  Samarkand is one of the oldest towns in the world, situated on the famed Silk Road. The area was strongly influenced by centuries of trading and is characterised by its colourful markets, unspoiled natural surroundings and friendly, informal lifestyle. Bring this atmosphere into your own home with our plate.

Warm touches of colour: Colours play a very important role in our surroundings, and can influence our mood. Warm, vibrant colours give us a lift and remind us of happy summer days. Enjoy them all the year round with a brightly coloured plate on your table.

This beautiful plate will give you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction, derived from the knowledge that you are making an important contribution by supporting and appreciating traditional craftsmanship!

These artistically designed items are hand made from glazed clay, hand painted.

Please note: this plate is available as a limited edition! Order your plate now, as long as stocks last.

This photo is an illustration only. The plate delivered to you may differ slightly, as all the items are unique.

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