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Our organic fairtrade raw date mango goji bar is:

  • 100% organic – our principle
  • 100% vegan – our conviction
  • 100% fruit & nut – our passion
  • 100% raw food – for natural nutrition
  • 100% nature – for the environment
  • 100% taste – our standard
  • 100% yummy – because you’re worth it
  • 100% gluten free – internal and external tests

It goes without saying that our bars are:

  • without preserving agents
  • without colouring agents or other unnatural additives

This bar is one of the best there is!

Our raw, delicious bars contain only the best ingredients blended optimally. They’re not too sweet, and no single flavour is dominant. Our bars are simply yummy.

Try them out for yourself! As an energy booster for in between meals or when doing sports, or a tasty snack during a break. Our handy date mango goji bar fits into any bag, so you can take it with you for your busy day.

This bar is really special for you and your body!

Our date mango goji bar has just the right consistency, not too soft and not too compact. An exquisite treat with lots of extras!

This bar is loaded with flavour, and is sustainable too, because 64% of the ingredients are Fairtrade certified.



This bar’s chief ingredients are sun-drenched dates and mangoes, high-quality goji berries, crumbly Austrian amaranth and millet pops, plus apricots gathered in remote regions of Uzbekistan. Mild coconut blossom syrup rounds off the combination.

Why we add goji berries as a special ingredient:

Goji berries are heavily represented in health food and/or anti-ageing product sectors, and are part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). They supply us with energy, and are said to support the cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system, alleviate problems caused by high blood pressure and insomnia, provide optimal cell protection, neutralise damage caused by free radicals and last but not least, „help to combat premature aging caused by stress and environmental factors". 10 to 20 grammes of dried fruits are recommended daily.

Goji berries contain high levels of iron, fibre, vitamin A and C as well as having an antioxidant capacity of 3173 µmol TE (ORAC value) [1 to 4]. Dried goji berries have the same vital substances and nutrients as fresh berries, only in a concentrated form.

Origin and Production:

All the ingredients are of a very high organic quality, and Fairtrade products in all our products are of course Fairtrade certified.

By purchasing this bar, you not only give your taste buds a special treat, but also help to support many projects in the areas of health care, infrastructure, illiteracy, quality of life and women's rights. The biggest benefit for all Fairtrade farmers is that their sales are guaranteed, enhancing their self-esteem. Their livelihoods are more secure and their children have greater prospects.

We purchase our organic amaranth and millet exclusively from Austrian organic farmers. It’s easy to see why Austrian amaranths have so much to offer you! Short transport routes reducing C02 emissions, zero genetic modification, promotion and appreciation of domestic and regional products, support for Austrian farms and their work, as well as helping to sustain natural diversity.

We carry out multiple controls on all of the ingredients. Only the finest ingredients are processed.

Each processing stage is carried out with the greatest care and attention to detail. The result is a bar with a sensational taste, supporting sustainable agriculture and fair trading.

Organic Ingredients: Dates ° (42%), mango ° (17%), goji (17%), amaranth puffed, wild apricots °, acerola powder°, coconut syrup, millet puffed.

° Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Total 64%.


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[2] nutriondata.self.com

[3] Wikipedia Antioxidans

[4] ORAC USDA Database

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